Title: Trampoline
Artist(s): SHAED

YouTube Description

Alex Mendoza · Max Ernst · Chelsea Lee · Spencer Ernst

℗ 2018 Photo Finish Records

DDENTERTAINMENT/9787 ~ extra beats and tunes
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"Trampoline" included in their album named 'Melt'. Released on May 18, 2018. The song is most recognizable from the apple commercial.

"One of our favorites from our EP :)" said SHAED on Genius, "We wrote all the melodies by passing around the microphone, and taking turns coming up with ideas. Chelsea recorded most of the vocals in her little office where she sets up her microphone, while the boys produced out the track in the studio. We also collaborated with the super talented Alex Mendoza, who co-produced the song." "Max and Spencer were visiting their parents and watching old home videos. There’s a video where the twins are jumping up and down on a trampoline, and the film had this dreamlike, distorted quality to it. The first line of the song is a direct reference to that, but the rest of the lyrics evolved into a story about embracing and falling in love with our biggest fears." "We had just moved into a house together for the first time. We were messing around with an old synthesizer, which resulted in the syncopated bass line that starts the song. We started passing around the mic until one of us came up with the verse. The melody got stuck in our heads, and we found ourselves whistling it throughout the day. Spencer and Max eventually recorded themselves whistling because we felt like the whistle had to be in the track."

Pronounced "SHADE". Based in Washington, D.C., electro-pop trio SHAED consists of lead singer Chelsea Lee and producers Max and Spencer Ernst.

The band has toured with Bishop Briggs and Marian Hill, and before the release of their debut EP Just Wanna See. Their single Name On It was the featured track for Victoria Secret's Cotton Collection ad, which debuted on May 15th 2018.

The group released their second EP MELT on September 21st, via Photo Finish Records. On October 30, 2018 Apple debut their MacBook Air Commercial featuring the band's single "Trampoline".


I've been havin dreams
Jumpin on a trampoline
Flippin in the air
I never land just float there
As I'm looking up
Suddenly the sky erupts
Flames alight the trees
Spread to fallin leaves
Now they're right upon me

Wait if I'm on fire
How am I so deep in love?
When I dream of dying
I never feel so loved

I've been having dreams
Splashin in a summer stream
Trip and I fall in
I wanted it to happen
My body turns to ice
Crushin weight of paradise
Solid block of gold
Lying in the cold
I feel right at home

Wait if I'm on fire
How am I so deep in love?
When I dream of dying
I never feel so loved