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• Sharing is now being disabled due to Google’s DMCA notice

• GUI improvements

• Fixed 404 Not Found redirects caused by caching plugin

• reCAPTCHA v3 temporarily disabled
• List now shows all uploads

• Direct Link replaced with Share (drive.google.com/docs.google.com url)
• Previewing files are now working again
• GUI adjustments & tweaks

• Fixed some file extensions not uploading properly
• Increased maximum upload size to 2GB
• Preview temporarily disabled
• reCAPTCHA v3 added

v0.1.0 — Beta Release



Fast as Lightning

Upload and download all your files wherever you go, anonymously. No need to worry about throttled speed limits and other annoyances.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited space for big files with any file extensions. Worry-free on monthly or yearly storage subscriptions.


Private and secure transmission of your data, including a no-log-policy, data integrity and confidentiality.

Less Bugs

Since we are still on beta stage, expect some to pop-up here and there. Giving us your feedback are highly encouraged.


What is this about?
⤷ A simple public secure cloud storage service uploaded directly to Google Drive. With this, you can store all your files in one place so you can access them from anywhere in the world. Unlimited storage has never been so easy and safe.

Is it really free?
⤷ Yes. This was built with love to make it a completely free service forever, there are no hidden costs to host your files. We don’t offer premium accounts as of now, which would allow you to have your own private folder.

How long are the files stored?
⤷ Forever! Yes, unlimited days and downloads. No need to have at least one download in a certain timeframe to remain active or similar requirements like on other file uploaders. Purely lifetime.

What kinds of files can I share?
⤷ No illegal or copyrighted content is allowed.

I still have questions, what should I do?
⤷ Comment them below.

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