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On this guide, we’re using FiberHome’s AN5506-04-FA modem-router, with firmware/software version “RP2649” (HG6245D modem with version “RP2804” works as well). Other similar modems with same versions stated are untested but might also work. Not working? Lists of credentials for different modems and versions can be found on Google. Brave Browser & Chrome was used, but any browser will do (Chromium-based are recommended), as long as it has the ability to delete a cookie on a specific domain. (Reason: See Troubleshooting)

RP2649/RP2804 was the latest patch update to PLDT Home Fibr modems to removed fiberhomesuperadmin account, telnet and the ability to disable AP Isolation, for less execution on malice subscribers. If you really need to use those features, a “USB to Serial Dongle” is needed to plug inside the modem, if somehow you have one, tutorials can be found on YouTube. Also with this patch, a more complicated and tedious steps are needed to access and to apply changes on its settings without errors.

Please use this guide at your own discretion. If you have no knowledge on managing routers or modems, proceed with caution, as some settings on the ONU (Optical Network Unit) can make GUI (Graphical User Interface) inaccessible or other connectivity issues. If that occurs, hard reset is advisable.

How to access?



On past software versions (RP2646/RP2631/RP2627), accessing the Web GUI is simplier, with full access to the FiberHome’s Super Admin which can enable telnet and using that to disable AP Isolation. Now with the latest updates, those features are gone, they’re been implemented to further limit access to their modem-routers, prevent further tweaks and malice changes, and to sign to their “Waiver and Assumption of Liability” if you request Full Administrator Rights, meaning, any problems you’ll encounter while doing so, is your responsibility and to fix that, you’ll need to pay a fee. Not to mention that calling support team and giving you the login details can take to 3-5 days or more.

So to lessen that hassle, here’s the steps:



1. Unplug the fiber optic patch cord or jumper cable. (Make sure “LOS” is blinking red)

2. Turn off the moden-router, then turn it on again.

3. On your preferred browser, go to



4. Wait the login page to load, make sure “Username” now shows “Administrator”.

5. Input the new default admin account details, then click on the login button:


Administrator : adminpldt
Password : Mj5UI3OPr9vYq8bCxl1rV50E


(If you didn’t hard reset the modem after the firmware update, you can use the old password that you’ve changed before, it’s still the same, skipping steps 6 and 7)

6. A pop-up will show that you need to change the default password of “adminpldt”. Set it up along with the Wi-Fi SSID names & passwords.

7. After applying changes, press the “Go back” link, you’ll be redirected again to the login page, then enter the account details, but now your new password.

(Always remember the new password you’ve set, there will be no “Forgot Password” or any recovery options, you’ll need to hard reset modem, then back again to step 5, if it’s done booting up)



That’s it, you’ve successfully logged-in to the Administrator account of your PLDT Home Fibr modem-router, but there’s more, you’ll encounter many error pop-ups and difficulties to apply changes that you’ve made on the settings.

[ UPDATE 11/21 ] — PLDT must have had a patch update, since the issues below are now fixed on our end. Probably more users are having them, and we’re glad they’ve addressed it. But to those who are still experiencing those problems, please proceed below.




This error shows up after clicking the apply button on a setting you’ve changed, or the browser you’re currently using was previously used to logged-in before, then clicking “OK” will redirect you back to the login page. Upon reentering the login details, you’ll be greeted again with a new error:



Waiting time to successfully logged-in takes about 5 minutes, if you’ve waited that long, it proceeds you to the status page, but mostly every time, you’ll be seeing the 1st error again, then the next error, after that, back to square one. The error kepts on looping, preventing you to properly logged-in again.

Don’t worry we’ve found a fix, but it is more tedious than the previous software versions where you’ll never encounter these problems. So if you’re still below or on firmware version “RP2646”, or versions that still has Super Admin & telnet features, don’t let it automatically upgrade your PLDT Home Fibr modem-router software. Ways to do that can be found online.

So let’s start with the solution:



1. Turn off modem-router, then turn it on again. While it is still booting up, go to your browser settings (Google Chrome was used), click “Privacy and security” on the left sidebar, then tap on “Cookies and other site data” and then “See all cookies and site data”. You’ll see several domains present if you’ve used that browser as default. Now find “”, then click on the trash icon at its right to delete the cookies.

(Better to use Incognito while accessing the Web GUI, to prevent cookies from saving, but never block cookies or add it to “Sites that can never use cookies” which would pop-up an error to reenable them. You can add it though on “Always clear cookies when windows are closed”)

2. After it successfully booted up, you can now logged-in without any errors.

(Note: Do this every time you apply a change on ONU’s settings, or when the pop-up error shows up.)


If you have any questions or some issues you’ve encountered, please comment them below.

For other concerns, our contact details can be found at the homepage.

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